Planned Routes

IMPORTANT - NEW Routes for 2023
Santa has streamlined some of his routes so he can visit more children and stop for photos, you may need to walk to the end of your road to see him.

Road Date
Valebridge Drive 17th Dec
Charlwood Gardens 17th Dec
Charlwood Road 17th Dec
Downs Croft 17th Dec
Orchard Close 17th Dec
Valebridge Road 17th Dec
Gladstone Road 17th Dec
Gordon Road 17th Dec
Manor Field School 17th Dec
Leylands Road 17th Dec
Leylands Park 17th Dec
Maple Drive 17th Dec
The Willows 17th Dec
Coopers Close 17th Dec
Eastbridge Avenue 17th Dec
Petworth Drive 17th Dec
Bramber Way 17th Dec
Forge Way 17th Dec
Packham Way 17th Dec
Marle Avenue 17th Dec
Croft Estate Unicorn Way 18th Dec
Icarus Avenue 18th Dec
Pegasus Place 18th Dec
Phoenix Rise 18th Dec
Rhea Close 18th Dec
Aphrodite Way 18th Dec
Beacon Crescent 18th Dec
Atlas Crescent 18th Dec
Hestia Place 18th Dec
St Peters Road 20th Dec
Windmill Drive 20th Dec
Highlands Drive 20th Dec
Wyberlye 20th Dec
St Johns Avenue 20th Dec
Park Close 20th Dec
Shearings Drive 21st Dec
Sycamore Drive 21st Dec
Folders Grove 21st Dec
Folders Gardens 21st Dec
Winton Close 21st Dec
Folders Grange 21st Dec
Thornhurst Oak Grange 21st Dec
Folders Close 21st Dec
Golden Hill 22nd Dec
Swann Close 22nd Dec
Johnson Drive 22nd Dec
Copestake Drive 22nd Dec
Quarry Close 22nd Dec
Blackhouse Lane 22nd Dec
Nole Rise 22nd Dec
Noel Green 22nd Dec
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